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In the News:

Sentry CD - A different firewall approach
NewsForge, 2005/05/25

Sentry Firewall CD -- Simple Safety
Linux Magazine, 2004/04/01

A Taste of Linux
eWeek, 2004/02/20

Security Applications
Linux Journal, 2001/09/01

Sentry Firewall CD TM   [ www.SentryFirewall.com | Sentry.SourceForge.net ]
CDROM-Based Firewall/Server/IDS(Intrusion Detection System)
Now this is some CD. You boot from this CD, and with a few preconfigured files on a floppy (on which you've flipped the write-protect switch to read-only) you have a running firewall.
   David A. Bandel, Linux Journal Magazine.

You can use Sentry as-is or customize Sentry to build your own custom solution. The ISO image is a free download, and there's plenty of documentation on the Sentry web site to help you get started.
   Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, Linux Magazine.


[ 03.18.06 ] As many of you have probably already discovered, development of the Sentry Firewall CD has been sparse for the past year or so. I regret that I simply have had very little time to continue development of this project. So, for now, it seems that the Sentry Firewall CD project has stalled indefinitely. I will certainly keep the community updated if this situation changes.

I would like to say that I've had a great time working on this project, and I've really enjoyed working with all of you. If you take a look at the README file that comes with the CD (and is also available on this website) you will see a short list of folks that have contributed in some way to better the Sentry Firewall project. I know this list represents only a very small fraction of the community that has actually contributed. If you have contributed at all to this project in the past and your name is not mentioned in the README, then please email me so I can add your name.

Also, if there is someone out there that would like to take what I've done with the Sentry Firewall CD and continue to update and develop it, I would most certainly love to help. I am also open to allowing some individuals make use of the Sentry Firewall name and this website to continue development of this project in a more community-based manner. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in taking on this project.

Thank you all again :-)


[ 01.13.05 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc16 released. [ Download | CHANGELOG ]
[ 09.21.04 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc15 released(Bugfix Release)
[ 09.20.04 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc14 released.
[ 08.25.04 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc13 released.
[ 04.28.04 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc12 released.
[ 04.15.04 ] Article: Sentry Firewall CD in May 2004 issue of Linux Magazine - "Sentry Firewall CD - Simple Safety", page 56.
[ 03.17.04 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc11 released.
[ 03.17.04 ] New Feature: Ramdisk Resizing!
As of version 1.5.0-rc11, the Sentry Firewall CD has moved to a tmpfs-based(shm fs) root file system. As a result, the size of the root(/) file system can be increased/decreased at will, and swapped out if necessary. Two new configuration directives; root_size and add_swap have been added to facilitate this functionality.
[ 02.24.04 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc10 released.
[ 02.11.04 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc9 released.
[ 12.04.03 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc8 released.
[ 11.27.03 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc7 released.
[ 11.09.03 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc6 released.
[ 11.09.03 ] ISO patching is now available with the help of XDelta. Sentry Firewall CD users can now update their current ISO image with only a ~10-15MB download! See Section 3.5 of the HOWTO for more details.
[ 09.30.03 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc5 released.
[ 09.09.03 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc4 released.
[ 08.18.03 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc3 released.
[ 06.29.03 ] Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc2 released.
[ 06.19.03 ] Sentry Firewall CD rebuilt using Slackware 9.0. Sentry Firewall CD version 1.5.0-rc1 released.
[ 12.01.02 ] Sentry Firewall CD Version 1.2.0RH-BETA5 released. [ Download | CHANGELOG ]
[ 06.27.02 ] Sentry Firewall CD Version 1.3.0-3, bugfix release -- [ Download | CHANGELOG ]
[ 06.21.02 ] New Sentry Firewall CD branch created, SENTRYCD-RH. First Beta Release Now Available!
[ 09.01.01 ] Sentry Firewall CD in Linux Journal Magazine, "Focus on Software, Security Applications".

Sentry Firewall CD
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